What happens when a troubled marriage is pulled from the brink

Jun 02, 2017

Thanks to your support, Julie was able to see her marriage restored and develop a deeper relationship with God

“Our marriage was silently deteriorating and soon we had serious problems,” Julie explains. “That’s when I called Focus on the Family to speak with a counsellor.”

Our care and counselling team are always ready to help those who are lost, unsure of where to turn and looking for hope in a hopeless situation. For Julie, speaking to a Focus on the Family Canada counsellor was the first step in restoring her marriage.

“She prayed with me and I was able to make a plan of action to save my marriage. I honestly was not expecting my marriage to last, but on one of your programs I heard someone say that if couples could just hold on for five years, then they often say that their marriage is better than it ever was. Now, seven years later, I can say that our marriage is better than it ever was, with deep-seated issues addressed and a relationship with the Lord that is much stronger.”

With your help, couples who are struggling can turn to our radio broadcasts, our counselling team and our ministry as a whole and know they’ll find the help they need.

If you’ve been impacted by this story and want to help even more families like this thrive, donate to Focus on the Family Canada today!  

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