The encouragement this woman heard from the broadcast as a teenager sustained her through trials years down the road 

Jun 02, 2017

Thanks to you, we’re able to encourage people throughout their lives

What a big impact Focus on the Family Canada has had in my life!” Mona* tells us. “I have listened to your broadcasts for 20 years. I remember hearing a broadcast when I was a teen about a couple whose marriage had been filled with pain and hurt. And yet, with God and their commitment to marriage, they were able to share how God had healed their marriage. Since then I have heard countless other testimonies through your broadcasts about how God has been faithful in restoring marriages. Recently, when my marriage was blindsided, one of the first things I found comfort in was recalling all of those stories I had heard. Even though I felt like it was impossible, I just kept thinking of those stories and reassuring myself that God would be faithful.”

The fact that God has been preparing Mona since she was a teenager to face things she never would have guessed she’d face is such a testament to way God uses us to reach those in need.

At Focus on the Family Canada, we offer help and advice on a wide variety of family and life issues through as many channels as possible. We do this because we know that God uses these resources in His timing and for His purposes – often to prepare people for what’s to come.

“The Focus on the Family website was the first thing I turned to for information and help,” Mona adds. “I was longing to talk to someone. I am so thankful for the counselling service that you offer. It was a great help to be able to talk to someone and have them help me know where to go next. Thank you for helping me to start the process of healing and rebuilding my marriage. I know there is still a lot of work ahead but I can see how God has started that process already.”

With your help, we are helping families build their lives on a solid Biblical foundation to weather the winds that would try to knock them down. Like Mona and her family who are enduring painful circumstances, God used and is using our ministry in her life so that she can stand firm knowing God will see her through.


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*Name changed to protect privacy

**Image shown above is a stock photo  

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