Reasons to give

Why Focus Canada

Reasons to give

Why Focus Canada

Our approach

We believe that every family has the potential to thrive. And we want to see our nation transformed by families that have been strengthened, redeemed and are impacting the world around them.

We believe that lasting change comes through education and support that is based on Christian principles and grounded in God's Word.


Our belief in the love of God and the transforming power of Jesus Christ fuels everything we do. And we want to make Christ-centred help available to all. This does not mean we only help Christian families – though the advice and guidance we offer is rooted in God’s Word and based on Biblical principles, we make it available to everyone and anyone looking for help.

Education and inspiration

As families navigate life together, they often need extra help. Whether it’s practical advice from a relationship and family expert, or an inspirational story from someone who’s been there, we want to ensure we have the right resource for families in need.

And we communicate as broadly as we can: over the radio, through magazines, through our websites and free online resources, with books and other products, and also through theatrical movie releases and community events. We want to make sure any family can access our resources and support.

Personalized support

Sometimes families need help that is tailored to their specific situation. Someone to pray with. One-on-one counselling. A real person to help them work through a problem or troubleshoot an issue. That’s why we also offer personalized support and care that meets individuals right where they are and responds to their specific needs.

Our reach

Canada is an amazing country - vast in expanse, rich in diversity and beautifully varied in landscape as you travel from coast to coast to coast. It’s filled with families as unique as our country. And while we value our differences, we are also united with a desire to be a part of a family that loves, supports and encourages one another.

That’s why we provide families – millions of Canadians – with Biblically based help and guidance every day of the year. No matter where you live or where your family is at, we’re here to help.

Largest radio ministry in Canada

3rd largest family magazine in Canada

Over 10,000 prayer requests are prayed for each year

Over 4,000 hours of phone counselling given each year

Over 3,300 resources in the online bookstore

Three retreat centres that offer intensive renewal retreats

Reasons to give

Since the ministry was founded in Canada in 1983, support from individuals like you has enabled us to offer faith-filled support and practical help to families through more than 700,000 phone calls, 530,000 emails, and almost 1 million cards and letters from Canadian families.


episodes of the Focus on the Family Broadcast have aired through our website and on radio stations across the country

tens of thousands

of people equipped with marriage and parenting skills through community-based events


of visitors to our website receiving help and encouragement


magazine pages published with parenting and marriage advice, fun family activities and more


prayer requests received from Canadians and prayed for in our daily staff prayer time


counselling calls and emails to those looking for hope, help and practical encouragement


resources provided to families about the joys and the pains that affect us throughout our family life

The full impact

The full impact of this ministry can only be known by God. However, we have heard from tens of thousands of individuals who testify that marriages have been restored, lives have been saved, parenting skills have been sharpened, children have learned God’s principles, and families have been strengthened.

The stories are many, but the outcome is the same: lives changed through the truth and hope of Christ.