About us

Why focus on the family?

Throughout history, family has been fundamental to society. Strong families lead to strong communities and contribute to a healthy, stable nation.

But because our families are made up of imperfect people, seeking to do right but often feeling like we’re getting it wrong, many families are just struggling to survive.

Knowing how to have a family that thrives is difficult. It takes effort. And it can be easy to take our families for granted. We assume they’ll always be there. We assume they’ll turn out fine. But this assumption can fracture families, leading to fractured communities and an unstable nation – a sad fact we witness in the brokenness of the world around us today.

But that’s why we’re here.

At Focus on the Family Canada, we know that when families are equipped with practical advice grounded in Biblical truths, they can thrive. When families are strong, they leave a valuable imprint on society for generations to come.

That’s why we’re committed to helping Canadians nurture, protect and invest in their families so they can thrive – even in the messy brokenness of our world.

“‘Why focus on the family?’ Because the solution to so many of our society’s problems can be found in a wholehearted investment in stable, healthy families.”

– Jim Daly

“The business done in the home is nothing less than the shaping of the bodies and souls of humanity. The family is the factory that manufactures mankind.”

– G.K. Chesterton

“This triangle of truisms, of father, mother and child, cannot be destroyed; it can only destroy those civilizations which disregard it.”

– G.K. Chesterton

Who we are

Since 1983, Focus on the Family Canada has offered help and encouragement to millions of families as they build their lives on the foundation of Jesus Christ. As a charitable organization, we are committed to strengthening Canadian families through trusted, Biblically based resources and programs, personal counselling, prayerful support, and much more. We aim to be the place Canadian families turn to for trusted help and encouragement!

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How we help

We believe that every family has the potential to thrive. And we want to see our nation transformed by families that have been strengthened and redeemed. That’s why we provide families with consistent encouragement and practical help in four key areas:

Marriage is the foundation of a thriving family, but it isn’t always easy. We want to equip couples to overcome life’s challenges and have a fulfilling relationship that lasts a lifetime. Learn more

Parenting is rewarding but immensely challenging. We want to come alongside parents with practical advice and Biblical guidance to help them face the unique challenges of raising children and passing on their faith. Learn more

Many Christians are struggling to apply their faith in a culture where Christianity is deemed irrelevant and even misguided. We want to inspire and equip them to grow in their faith and influence the world around them. Learn more

Real families face real issues and these obstacles can seem insurmountable. We want to help families overcome these challenges by finding their hope in God and giving them sound advice to navigate these difficult times. Learn more

Our services

At Focus on the Family Canada we want you to know that you’re not alone. We have a team dedicated to caring for you.

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