You can help families thrive

You can help families thrive

Why care about family?

Families today face all kinds of challenges.
Discouragement. Conflict. Uncertainty. Faith crises. The list goes on.

These challenges can fracture relationships until the family is no longer a place we feel safe and cared for. Instead, it becomes a source of pain and brokenness.

Yet many of us assume that our families will turn out fine. Unfortunately, without taking steps to strengthen and protect these precious relationships, this assumption can lead to painful breakdowns and becomes a threat not only to our individual families, but to society as a whole. We know that broken families lead to broken communities, which leads to a broken nation.

And we can see the effects of this brokenness all around us.


Marriages are breaking down

Marriages are breaking down at an alarming rate and more young people are choosing to not get married.

Why marriage?


Young people are leaving their faith

More and more parents are struggling to instill a personal faith journey in their children, leading young people to walk away from the Church.

Why parenting?


Christianity is deemed by culture to be irrelevant

Many Christians are struggling to apply their faith in a culture where Christianity is deemed to be irrelevant and even misguided.

Why faith and culture?


Life challenges fracture families

Pressures on families are numerous and complex, and people feel unequipped to overcome them, turning to all the wrong places for help.

Why life challenges?

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can help families thrive.

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Our response

Help is available

We’ve created easily accessible, Biblically based tools and resources that strengthen families, heal relationships and transform lives. There is help and hope for every family! We're just a click, email or phone call away.

Christ changes lives

We believe lives are changed through the truth and hope of Christ. We believe He is in the business of fixing broken things – He heals, restores, brings peace and He can change us. That’s the hope we want to share.

Families can thrive

There are no perfect families. Since we are all flawed, we’re guaranteed to experience challenges in family life. But rather than barely surviving, families can overcome and thrive. And they have!

How your donation makes a difference

  • You provide stability for families who are facing uncertainty.
  • You give hope to a couple in crisis.
  • You provide insight to a mom struggling to connect with her daughter.
  • You provide tools to a dad trying to parent a defiant teenage son.
  • You give a listening ear to someone feeling alone.
  • You give a voice for God’s love to reach a woman struggling with depression and loss.
  • You delight children with great stories, entertaining characters and life-saving Biblical truth.
  • In a world of heartache and trouble, you offer a message of grace and hope.
  • You build a heritage of faith in homes across our great country.

You help families thrive.