Reasons to give

Why focus on life challenges?

Reasons to give

Why focus on life challenges?


Helping overcome life challenges

  • Family is all about relationships. But as families grow and change, relational challenges arise that aren’t always easy to fix. Spousal conflicts, defiant teens, boundaries with adult children – issues like these can be heartbreaking, emotionally draining and difficult to navigate.
  • In life, we often face obstacles that seem insurmountable. Challenges such as chronic illness and terminal diagnoses, job loss and financial instability, addiction, abuse, depression, grief and loss can come on unexpectedly and turn life upside down.
  • When problems arise, people often don’t know how to face them, let alone overcome them. In an attempt to survive, many try coping in unhealthy ways, turning to harmful sources of help or even walking down a path that’s destructive not only to themselves, but also to their families.
  • Facing a situation that seems insurmountable can lead to feelings of helplessness and hopelessness. When people reach a breaking point, even if they want to ask for help, they often don’t know where to turn. They need a safe place to find help and hope again.

When you donate, you give men and women practical guidance and much-needed encouragement through:

Audio programming on the radio, online and on our mobile app

Counselling consultations and referrals to local counsellors across the country

Issue-based resources like books, audiobooks, downloads and online content


Clergy-specific renewal retreats at our Kerith Retreat centres

Personalized support over the phone, through the mail or by email

How your donation helps


prayer requests prayed for last year


days of broadcasts on life challenges last year


books and other resources given to those in need last year


letters and emails answered by our care team last year


hours of phone counselling received by families last year


visits to our life challenges online content last year

Testimony of a life changed

“I was reading Focus on the Family magazine when I read, ‘No matter what your family is facing.’ I thought, that’s true for me. When my husband and I learned our son’s marriage was in crisis, our first call was to Focus on the Family. A counsellor was right there to give us direction as parents and they prayed for us. Focus is definitely here for us, no matter what our families are going through.” – A thankful Canadian parent