Reasons to give

Why focus on marriage?

Reasons to give

Why focus on marriage?


Helping marriages thrive

  • Marriage is the foundation of a thriving family – and it isn’t always easy. We believe that every couple is capable of experiencing the loving, intimate relationship that God has intended for them. But it takes work. And sometimes they need help.
  • Couples often keep their marriage issues to themselves and wait until they are at their breaking point to get help.
  • All children deserve to be raised in a stable, healthy home. This is best achieved when their mom and dad have a thriving marriage. After all, the health of a marriage greatly impacts the health of a home.
  • Culture has deprioritized marriage. Broken marriages have left younger generations with doubts about marriage and whether staying happily married is even possible or worth it.

When you donate, you give couples consistent marriage encouragement through:

Audio programming on the radio, online and on our mobile app

Focus on Marriage monthly e-newsletter

Marriage resources like books, audiobooks, downloads and online content

Prayer and counselling

Marriage-related events and seminars

Focus on the Family magazine

How your donation helps


couples receive Focus on the Family magazine


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of calls to our counselling and care team are about marriage issues


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Testimony of a life changed

“If it had not been for Focus on the Family Canada, I truly believe that my marriage would have been part of another ugly statistic… I will forever be grateful to you for all your godly wisdom, counsel and direction. Thank you for all the tools that Focus on the Family Canada provides. Most of all, I want to thank you for all that you have done for myself and my husband. You have helped us both be better spouses for each other and have given me a voice.” – A grateful wife