Born into a dysfunctional home, discover one woman’s incredible story of being parented by Focus 

Jun 02, 2017

You provide help and hope to those who feel alone in difficult situations

“I was parented through Focus on the Family,” Linda* explains. “Everything I should have been taught by my parents I learned through Focus instead. I can’t imagine Focus not being there.”

Born to unmarried parents entrenched in an unhealthy lifestyle, Linda grew up with a father who was a drug dealer. When one of his deals went awry, he made Linda’s mother work as a call girl to make ends meet.

While Linda’s parents loved her, their decisions and actions didn’t create a stable home where she could learn the important principles she’d need to guide her through a successful adult life. Yet, despite a dysfunctional young life, little Linda emerged as a woman who loves Jesus passionately and lives to praise Him.

Linda — now a loving wife, mother of four and steadfast churchgoer — believes that Focus on the Family Canada filled in the parenting gaps and taught her the Biblical principles that her parents never did. Through Focus’ radio broadcasts, books, CDs and movies, God laid the foundation Linda didn’t receive as a child and desperately sought as a teen and adult. Today, she continues to rely on Focus’ material for encouragement and advice.

The knowledge that Focus on the Family Canada was always there for her as an authentic and reliable source of support helped Linda feel less alone in her journey. “Regardless of whatever you’re experiencing, and although life may seem overwhelming at times, you’re not alone,” she says.  

Linda's story is a beautiful example of God's redemptive power! Thank you for making this possible!

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*Name changed to protect privacy

**Image shown above is a stock photo

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