How the radio broadcast solved one man’s medical mystery

May 30, 2017

With your support and God’s timing, people can tune into the broadcast right when they need it

At a time when he felt hopeless, Focus on the Family’s daily radio broadcast gave Dan Loney an answer that medical tests could not provide.

After years of pain coupled with numerous tests, scans and needles, Dan was frustrated and fearful. Doctors couldn’t figure out what was wrong. He underwent tests for multiple sclerosis, a brain tumour and a stroke, and still there were no answers. Dan remembers leaving yet another medical building without answers, wondering if he’d be alive to celebrate Christmas with his family.

One morning, Dan got into his car and remembered that the Focus on the Family broadcast was on. Tuning his radio to the right station, he heard Dr. Archibald Hart talking about a medical condition called adrenaline fatigue syndrome. As Dr. Hart listed the symptoms, Dan was shocked. It felt like they were describing him! He called Focus on the Family right away, asking for the additional information offered on the program.

Doctors eventually diagnosed Dan with adrenaline fatigue syndrome. Even though it wasn’t an easy diagnosis to hear, he finally had answers. After a long 18 months, he recovered from the syndrome. Healed, healthy and able to take an active part in his family’s life again, Dan is thankful for Focus on the Family and how God used the broadcast to save his life – quite literally.

Just like Dan, God may surprise you with unexpected guidance, wisdom and inspiration through our daily broadcast. Thanks to you, people like Dan can turn to Focus on the Family when faced with problems, situations or circumstances that seem confusing or hopeless and find the help they need.

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