How one couple is being strengthened and renewed on a daily basis through the broadcast 

Jun 02, 2017

You’re equipping marriages to be strong before things get tough

Through their dating, engagement and two years of marriage, Maria and Kevin Trace have been listening to Focus on the Family daily radio broadcasts and podcasts. And since then, they’ve been growing, learning and being challenged in their personal walks and in their relationship. “Often Kevin or I will excitedly say to each other, ‘You have to listen to this episode on your commute tonight!’” Maria says.

Whatever the topic, Maria and Kevin eagerly take in Focus broadcasts on their way to and from work.

“Though we both grew up in Christian homes and in the church,” Maria explains, “and though we’d heard lots of sermons and listened to advice about marriage, nothing really prepares you for it except being married.” She and her husband have found that, though marriage isn’t a fairytale, it’s an opportunity to grow and improve: “Marriage is a daily thing. Life is a daily thing. And so learning and growing needs to be a daily thing.”

“My husband and I are grateful for the Focus broadcasts because they encourage us, give us hope and offer practical ideas on how to build our marriage up,” she says. “I really can’t thank you enough for offering these for free! It makes our daily commutes so much healthier because we have something new to talk about at dinner – what we learned and what we want to change, and how someone’s life story meant so much to us!”

Because of you, Maria and Kevin can find the tools and trusted advice they need to make their marriage thrive! Born and bred on Focus products – from Adventures in Odyssey® and Clubhouse® magazine to audiobooks and the daily broadcasts – the support of friends like you have given Maria and Kevin regular encouragement and inspiration!

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