Pointing a grieving family to the hope and comfort of Christ

Jun 02, 2017

You make it possible for those in mourning to speak to our counsellors and get help    

With your help, we’re able to come alongside families when they need encouragement, a listening ear, a praying friend and professional insight. This letter from Veronica* shows how, with God’s grace, we were able to come alongside her and her family in their grief and point them to the true source of hope: Jesus Christ.

Dear friends at Focus on the Family,

I have such clear memories as a young child of listening to Focus on the Family broadcasts in our kitchen in the early 1980s. Focus has been a part of my life for a very long time.

This summer, our family suffered the terrible tragedy of the sudden death of our eight-year-old daughter on our farm. This journey through “the valley of the shadow of death” is all new and horrible for us. In the darkness, there have been a few lights to guide the way . . . the first being Scripture, the second being the reality of God’s closeness to the broken-hearted and the third being the Spirit-led counselling ministry provided by Focus on the Family Canada.

I spent over an hour yesterday with my phone, my Kleenex box and a wonderful counsellor. She answered some very hard questions and helped me find answers from God’s Word. She helped me see that God understands completely as He, too, lost His precious Son. Using word pictures, she helped me understand where I could relinquish control, grieve in a healthier way and trust God in a deeper way. I wept as I hung up my phone – for joy at what God had shown me, and for the reality of the painful journey our family will continue to walk in the months and years ahead.

Thank you for the insights I gained, the comfort I felt and the consolation from Scripture that I received through this valuable ministry.

Because of Him,


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*Name changed to protect privacy

**Image shown above is a stock photo

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