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The Secular Creed: Engaging Five Contemporary Claims
“Black lives matter.” “Transgender women are women.” Claims like these encapsulate the ethos of today’s culture. But how should we, as Christians, respond to them? Which ones can we support, and which ones should we question, in the light of biblical truth? Explore five contemporary claims in this article.
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Do you need refreshment in your marriage?
Life is stressful under normal conditions: work, marriage, kids. Add to that the tension that came with COVID-19, and most of us find ourselves longing for ways to reduce stress. As we battle Zoom fatigue and manage children who feel stuck in the house, it’s sometimes a struggle to pre-empt zombie-status before finishing our kids’ bedtime routines. We need refreshment – physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. We need to pause and check in with ourselves and our spouse to make sure we take time to restore and replenish our whole being.
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Back to school: Education to the glory of God
For students of any age who are also followers of Jesus, the subjects they study, the critical skills they hone, the relationships they build, the social conscience they refine, all of it points to the wisdom of their Creator and the goodness of his creation. It prepares them to better reflect the image of God to the world in which they live. In short, their education is a means for glorifying God that will reverberate into their adult years and throughout the rest of their lives.
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Keeping kids motivated to learn
When kids start to fall behind in the classroom, it’s not always because they need extra help. Kids can simply lose motivation to put serious effort into their education. Read this article for tips on how you can help your child stay engaged and motivated to learn.
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