One of our ways to support families here at Focus is through our original articles, which we publish free of charge online each month. In case you might have missed them, here are links to some of our latest articles related to marriage and parenting, as well as to faith and culture.

How childhood attachment impacts your marriage
How well you bond in marriage is influenced by your childhood attachment with your parents. So while you're leaving your father and mother to cleave to your spouse, you're certainly not leaving behind what you've learned about how to connect to others. Learn more about your attachment style and what you can do to heal from your past and improve the bond you have with your spouse.
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Responding well when your child's sexuality is not what you thought
How can parents respond in love to their child who either identifies a struggle with their sexuality and attraction or identifies as LGBT? And for parents who currently have a broken relationship with their child as a result of this issue, what can they do to rebuild that relationship? Find practical advice from Christians in counselling and psychology as well as those who have walked this journey themselves.
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Truth and love in complex times
In our culture, people of faith too often default to one of two polar extremes: downplaying unpopular teachings of Scripture to avoid offence (love without truth) or doubling down on their convictions with little regard for the feelings of others (truth without love). Learn more of what it looks like for followers of Jesus to show grace, truth and love to a broken humanity.
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Do Christians strain out gnats and swallow camels?
Christians are often accused of majoring on the minors, of spending their time arguing about theology or harping on sexual sin whilst ignoring social justice and the plight of the poor. But is this a fair assessment? Read how theological orthodoxy, moral integrity, social justice and care for the poor are indispensable strands in the tapestry of the church’s witness.
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