Here at Focus, one of the many ways we support families is through our original articles, which we make available for free online each month. In case you missed them, here are links to a few of our most recent ones related to marriage and parenting, as well as to faith and culture.

5 vows to make during a home renovation
If you’re about to commit to a home renovation, whether big or small, consider these vows before beginning. Your family will be sure to benefit during your season of renovation chaos. Discover these vows today!
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Fun ways to bring kids and grandparents closer
Kids can love their grandparents to the moon and back, yet still know very little about their grandparents’ life story. Learn about ways to help your kids get to know their grandparents on a whole new level!
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Christians in space: taking the creation mandate to the stars
Although the space program isn’t in the public eye the way it used to be, it remains a controversial topic for some believers. There are a growing number of countries and corporations joining the effort to reach out into the “final frontier” and the way Christians regard such enterprises can say a fair bit about how we view God’s creation, and ultimately God Himself. Read the full story today!
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The prophetic voice of the cosmos
For skeptics, a wider understanding about the created order has led to the strange belief that God is unnecessary and in fact does not exist. But for people of faith, expanding knowledge can only bring expanding glory to the Creator and an expanding sense of awe at His creation. Discover why and how!
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