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Balancing the kindness and the severity of God
Most of us are drawn to the love and mercy of God, but his wrath and judgment are a different matter. We find it challenging to reconcile those two categories and can even be tempted to sidestep the latter in favour of the former. To do so, however, is to distort who God has revealed himself to be, as well as our understanding of who we are. It’s only as we hold these qualities of God in balance that we can grow in appreciating his beauty and grace, who he is and what he has done for us.
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Teaching Children to Manage Their Emotions video series
Help your kids learn to manage big emotions like anger, frustration and disappointment before those emotions lead to out-of-control behaviour. View our new free video series with Cherilyn Orr, an education consultant and adjunct professor at Vanguard College in Edmonton, as she shares a highly effective way to nurture kids’ self-control and build their relationship skills.
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Sexual trauma and its effect on marriage
When someone is sexually abused, he or she is robbed of his or her innocence and peace of mind. The victim fights self-identity issues and self-hatred for years. If not processed in a healthy way, the abuse can impact his or her marriage. In this article, you will learn about the psychological and behavioural impacts on marriage and how to find healing.
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Movies, television and theology
Movies and television are among the most powerful tools of communication, education and entertainment ever invented. The stories capture hearts and imaginations, and they have a profound impact on popular tastes, opinions and attitudes. As often as not, their narratives contain a mix of positive and negative elements, which calls for thoughtful engagement from viewers. Discover articles that explore how popular films and TV shows intersect with the truths of Scripture.
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