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Divorce, hard hearts, and the image of God
Throughout Scripture, God is constantly advocating on behalf of those who are suffering, oppressed or powerless, including and especially victims of harmful marriage relationships. If the church is to follow her Lord in this difficult area, she needs to be guided by his Spirit as she engages more deeply with his Word.
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Video series: Unpacking Biblical Separation and Divorce
In this five-part video series, Hope Restored marriage therapist Vicki Hooper walks through God’s plan for marriage, and the impact human brokenness has on this covenant relationship.
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Free Easter family devotional for tweens and older
From Palm Sunday’s verses about a humble king to Easter Sunday’s verses about a joyful risen Lord, the eight-day devotional takes your family through some of the events of Holy Week, but also way back into the past, to prophesies made in the preceding centuries. This devotional is relevant long after Holy Week!
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Dune: Part Two – Heroic journey or cautionary tale?
Among all the thought-provoking themes in Dune: Part Two, the most valuable is its unflinching portrayal of false messiahship, drawing attention in bright relief to Jesus, the true Messiah. If for no other reason, his followers deserve to treat themselves to the movie, in all its cinematic splendour.
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