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The Bible and the Early Church in Africa
One criticism of Christianity is that it is a white man’s religion, a product of Western culture that European colonizers foisted on the rest of the world. To understand the true history of the Church, we need to recognize the shameful whitewashing that has taken place and celebrate sisters and brothers from African countries who have shaped church doctrines and traditions. And when we do this, we see Christ’s body, made up of members from every tribe, tongue and colour.
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What should I do after an angry outburst?
When anger appears, logic almost always goes out the window. That’s why we often look back with regret. We feel guilt, shame, embarrassment – partially because we weren’t in control, but mostly because we hurt someone we care about. These three steps can help you redeem and grow after you have an angry outburst with your spouse.
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Holy Week Easter devotional
Yours for free: an 8-day devotional that journeys through the events of Jesus’ life each day of Holy Week, from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, to help you better understand this world-changing moment in history.
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The Rings of Power: Upholding Tolkien’s Christian themes
Since current fantasy works tend to favour moral ambiguity and focus on the darkness in the world and in the human heart, many were concerned if the spirit of Tolkien would be discernible in this new adaptation. But The Rings of Power is faithful to the spirit, if not always the letter, of Tolkien’s work. More important, it brims with Tolkien’s Christian themes and in some cases adds depth and nuance to them.
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