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Political homelessness: Charting a path to a better country
Political homelessness is often triggered by toxic experiences of polarization within families, churches, communities or society in general. But for followers of Jesus, this sense of political alienation need not end in despair. Seen through the lens of Scripture and history past and present, it can remind us that we’re strangers and exiles here on earth and help us refocus our desire for a better country.
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For a successful marriage, avoid these 5 Rs
These are the 5 Rs that spell destruction to relationships: rejection, resentment, resistance, revenge, repeat. Becoming aware of the active presence of the 5 Rs in our relationship is the first step to interrupt this destructive pattern. When you find yourself in one of the 5 Rs, thankfully there are actions that can immediately place the relationship back on positive footing.
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How to help your perfectionist child
Is your child a perfectionist? Learn what perfectionism looks like in kids, what motivates kids to become perfectionists, and how you can help your child adopt a healthier view of failure and imperfections.
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Summer reading for truth and pleasure
Whatever our preference, there’s no reason our reading can’t be enjoyable and edifying at the same time. God created us with minds, hearts, imaginations and aesthetic sensibilities. We are fulfilling our creation mandate when we read for both truth and pleasure. With that in mind, here’s a short list for your consideration, to augment your summer reading.
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