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Exploring Scripture series
The Scriptures present a grand narrative of creation, fall, redemption and restoration, and contain a wealth of truth and beauty for a lifetime of discovery. As with all scriptural study, the goal is to know God better and to love his Son more, to the praise and glory of his name. Click through for a collection of articles that will help you explore God’s Word, even some of its less familiar and more challenging parts.
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How to rekindle “like” for your spouse
Have you noticed that your spouse’s personality quirks, which you thought were so cute when you were dating, are driving you nuts now that you’re married? What can you do to rekindle that sense of connection when you feel it’s missing? The first and most important step every couple can take is inviting God into the relationship. Next, consider the following questions.
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The wisdom of Wimbledon: Our days are like grass
Whether one is a tennis fan or not, there’s an undeniable allure to the annual summer spectacle of Wimbledon. The two-week event has been held at the All England Lawn Tennis Club every year since 1877, except during the two world wars and the pandemic year of 2020. Beneath Wimbledon’s trappings and traditions lies a subtext that has become lost on contemporary audiences.
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How to encourage your kids, to get better behaviour from them
An encouraging home environment does many great things for kids. It motivates kids to persevere, to strive for excellence, to be obedient and to explore their potential. Learn how you can encourage the best in your kids.
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