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The book of Jude: Power, grace, and a few surprises
Perhaps you’re one of the many believers who has decided to add “read the Bible” to your list of New Year’s resolutions. Many choose to start from Genesis or the Gospels, but very few will recommend one of the shortest books in all 66: Jude. Learn how Jude hits well above its weight, crammed with truths about the power and grace of God driven home with unique, eye-opening illustrations.
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Teaching kids about spiritual warfare
Generations of kids have enjoyed dressing up in a warrior costume to learn about the armour of God from Ephesians 6:10-20. However, we need to go beyond dress-up play to ready kids for the real spiritual battles of life. This article will give you ideas that will help your kids practice what each item of spiritual armour means for them.
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What to do when your spouse is diagnosed with a chronic illness
In many ways, illness can alter the way your day-to-day life looks – not only for the spouse who received the diagnosis, but for your whole family. A serious diagnosis can shake the foundation you thought you had, and it creates a new normal you’ll need to prepare to navigate together. Read about six things to remember if your spouse is diagnosed with a chronic illness.
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