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New year, renewed relationship: 4 resolutions for a stronger marriage
January is a month that marks new beginnings. This can inspire dreams for what the year might hold, and the resolve to turn dreams into reality. But what if the thought of a new year feels heavy? Financial stress, economic uncertainty and the looming pandemic can make time feel like something to survive rather than embrace. Rest assured, there is a way to achieve success with your resolutions. By making small, focused goals, you and your spouse can work as a team and use every part of the new year to help bring you closer together.
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7 things to look for when reading through the Bible
This is it – the year you finally read through the entire Bible. You’ve found the ideal Bible reading plan. You’ve prayed about it and enlisted an accountability partner to keep you on track. But in order to see it through, you also need to read with your eyes, heart and mind attuned to what the Spirit of God is saying through his Word. To aid in that process, read this article for seven things to look for as you embark (or continue) on your scriptural odyssey.
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Your story matters: How to write a memoir that leaves a family legacy
You have a story to share! Your adventures and struggles are a powerful tool to pass your faith in God on to your children. Discover tips on writing your memoir for your kids!
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