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Jesus and the mystery of Melchizedek
Who was Melchizedek, this mysterious figure who popped in and out of the scriptural accounts, and yet was considered by the biblical authors to have a vital connection to the Son of God? A brief survey of his three appearances is sure to shed new light on our appreciation of who Jesus is and what he’s done for us.
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10 simple ideas for a happier marriage
The Focus on the Family editors asked couples to reveal one thing they have done to make their marriage happier. We received a wonderful collection of creative ideas, and we hope these stories will inspire you to do one thing to make your marriage happier.
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Tips for communicating with teens, Part 1: Your responsibility to communicate well
How successful are your conversations with your teen – the really important conversations? Your teen needs much guidance from you. This first article in a five-part series will show you the importance of looking at how you communicate with your teen; this will help make sure your teen stays receptive to your guidance.
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Facets of love in the Song of Songs
The Song of Songs is a beautiful love poem that points to the Story of Stories: God’s grand narrative of Creation, Fall, Redemption and Restoration. It’s a story filled with more drama, romance, passion and delight than we can imagine, and our God invites us as his bride, the Church, to be part of it with him.
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