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Spiritual disciplines and abiding in Christ
Discipline may be difficult, but as we look past it to our desired outcome, it becomes something we’re willing and even happy to endure. As followers of Jesus, we want more than anything to know our Lord better, to love him more deeply and to become more like him. God has not only put this desire in our hearts, but he’s also given us the means to pursue it, through what we call the spiritual disciplines.
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Improving Your Sex Life to Improve Your Marriage video series
Do you ever feel confused or frustrated about your sex life with your spouse, or simply wonder if it could be better than it is? Because a great sex life is something you make, not something you find, you can take hope that your marriage is fully capable of vibrant intimacy. You can start your journey toward a sexually rich marriage with this free video series.
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Dealing with your child’s divorce
Has your adult child just let you know that their marriage is over? Learn how you can be a safe place for your son or daughter as they’re walking through the pain and trauma of divorce.
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Black History Month: People of colour, people of faith
February is Black History Month. It’s an annual occasion to recognize notable African Americans who’ve shaped the course of culture in North America and around the world. What often goes unnoticed, however, is that many of these famous figures were men and women of faith whose achievements were born out of their identity as followers of Jesus. Read about Sojourner Truth, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman and more!
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