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Freedom to be sad: God’s care for the brokenhearted
More than anywhere else, the church ought to be a place where people feel safe to share their sorrows and their deepest hurts, to find compassion and help. Unfortunately, there are some believers who may feel pressure to paste on a Sunday smile and go about their lives in lonely, quiet desperation. In the Body of Christ, we’re all meant to find hope, and to be instruments of hope for our brothers and sisters. Thankfully God has given us a variety of helps and encouragements for our pursuit of those goals.
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Guiding your child through the second anniversary of the pandemic
Does your child continue to wrestle with COVID-related stress and anxiety? As the pandemic’s second anniversary approaches, you can help your child navigate this ongoing “new normal” and any situations that still trigger their stress and anxiety. One way to do this is by very intentionally starting conversations that build a bridge of empathy and openness and create a safe place for your child to share their thoughts and feelings. Read our latest article on how to initiate healing conversations with your child.
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Battling dark days with beauty and joy
The past few years have demonstrated beyond a doubt that our world is broken, and we along with it. Yet at the same time, our world is also filled with beauty and joy, reflecting the nature of the God who made it. Pursuing beauty and joy wherever they may be found is healthy for our bodies and our souls, helping us combat the brokenness around us and within us.
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