One of the ways we support families here at Focus is through our series of original articles, which we publish for free online each month. In case you may have missed them, here are links to a few of our latest articles related to marriage and parenting, as well as to faith and culture.

A satisfying sex life: Is it possible?
When Bill Farrel and his wife, Pam, went from newlyweds to parents, they realized that their intimate life would not magically happen simply because they were in love. It's important to learn that a satisfying sex life is possible at any stage of marriage. It may take some planning and a deliberate focus on each other's needs to keep passion on the front burner, but the results are well worth it.
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Caring for yourself when your child is in crisis
If your child is struggling with a serious issue, it’s agonizing for you as well. Read our latest article for tips on how to manage your own stress and worry, so you’re in a better position to help your child.
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The desires of our hearts
How are we supposed to interpret Psalm 37:4? What does God mean when he says he will give us the desires of our hearts? Does it mean he will give us whatever we ask for or that we can follow our hearts to happiness? The first rule for reading the Bible (or any text, for that matter) is that context is king. Read more about how we can decipher this often misunderstood verse.
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The Minor Prophets: an anthology of prose, poetry and promise
It’s fair to say that for many Christians, the Minor Prophets are an undiscovered country on the biblical landscape. But these prophets are minor only in the sense that their books are much shorter than the so-called Major Prophets, Isaiah, Jeremiah and Ezekiel. Despite their brevity, they contain some of the most vivid messianic imagery and thrilling promises found anywhere in the Bible, and show striking variety and literary art. They deserve to be far better known by devoted readers of Scripture.
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