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Why the Virgin Birth is vital to the Gospel
Can modern Christians believe an ancient miracle story about a virgin getting pregnant by the Spirit of God? The Scriptures present the Virgin Birth as historical reality that fulfilled messianic prophecy, integral to the Word becoming flesh. And throughout its history, the Church has viewed the Virgin Birth not as abstract theology but as vital to the Gospel. As 21st-century followers of Jesus, it’s crucial we understand why. Click through to read more.
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Social media and marriage: 10 ways to be positive in your posts
When we post or share positive messages about marriage, they can affect our immediate family, friends and possibly a greater audience. Through social media, we can encourage people we don’t even know with positive messages about marriage. Read ideas from Greg Smalley for honouring and promoting healthy, lifelong marriages on social media.
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The best New Year’s resolution for your kids: Listening to God
Resolutions for kids share a lot of similarities with listening. It’s one thing to lose focus and miss out on a bedtime routine or a class assignment or a joke. It’s quite another to miss out on God – on hearing his Word and walking toward what he has for us. And if focusing on one another is a challenge, discerning God’s voice takes even greater intentionality. Read a somewhat unconventional sort of resolution for kids: learning to listen to God and respond to what he says.
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