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God among the gods in Thor: Love and Thunder
In the movie Thor: Love and Thunder, the living God does not appear among the divine assembly, but his presence is felt throughout the film via the contrast between the sacrificial compassion of the heroes and the selfish indifference of the other gods. Read how, through this juxtaposition, God implicitly stands in this assembly and judges the gods that are present.
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Accepting feedback without defensiveness
Feedback is a window into how others perceive us, and it can reveal areas that we don’t see ourselves. It can be painful, but it’s essential for growth in any relationship – especially a marriage. If we respond with defensiveness, we shut down one of the most valuable tools we have for building an honest, thriving relationship.
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Reading history to honour God and strengthen the heart
We all love a good story, and we’re all part of the best one, being written by God. Whether in good times or bad, meditating on God’s wondrous deeds honours him. But it also inspires our hearts with awe and worship, and strengthens our faith in the one who is sovereign over our past, our present and our future.
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Everyday peacemakers: Curbing sibling conflict
Do your kids have good conflict-resolution skills? Ask these simple questions to help your kids learn to constructively resolve disputes with their siblings.
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