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Book review: Jesus Through the Eyes of Women 
Throughout the Gospels, women are key eyewitnesses of Jesus’ birth, life, death, burial and resurrection. As Rebecca McLaughlin explains in her new book, it’s through their eyes and interactions with Jesus that we see and experience some of the most vital and beautiful truths about our Lord.
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When your spouse goes through a faith crisis
Our fallen world can do a number on even the strongest faith. So how do you support your spouse during a faith crisis? Discover four tips from Dr. Greg Smalley.
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Training our kids to counter unbiblical ideas in the culture
Our culture is awash in unbiblical ideas. What deceptive messages are your kids internalizing? Here are three lies that apologist Alisa Childers urges parents to address, because they are so prevalent in our culture.
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What happened between the Old and New Testaments?
There’s a roughly 400-year gap between the Old Testament and the New. During that span, there were no prophetic writings, no direct revelation from God. For followers of Jesus, this four-century interval may raise some questions. Answers to these questions will create a framework for better understanding the political, social and religious context into which Jesus was born, as well as a deeper appreciation for his messianic mission.
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