Do you know someone who is struggling in their marriage? Are you and your spouse having a difficult time? Do you wish something could be done to change the state of your marriage, but you’re not sure where to start? If so, you are not alone.

More than daily misunderstandings and miscommunications, many husbands and wives are feeling the hurt, anger and loneliness of relational divides due to infidelity, financial strain, crises with children, and the imbalance of work and family life. Maybe this is you and your spouse. It may even seem like there are only two painful options left to choose: continue on in the misery of a loveless marriage or face the pain and heartbreak of divorce.

In these difficult situations, we need more than a listening ear – likely even need more than traditional counselling. We need a program specifically designed to deal with crisis situations within a marriage. I believe we have found this program and it’s called Hope Restored.

Recently launched in Canada, this unique program has already been running in the U.S. for over 15 years and of the couples who completed the program, over 80 per cent of those surveyed are still together two years after attending! This personalized, multi-day intensive counselling program is specifically designed to help couples who have lost hope for their marriage and need help.

Our marriage therapists are trained to deal with crisis situations and, thanks to the focused care of these three-, four- or five-day retreats, they are able to work through the specific issues couples are facing to achieve something in days that would otherwise take months – if at all – to accomplish.

Couples who attend a Hope Restored intensive not only receive several days of counselling with our trained therapists, but also enjoy the peaceful accommodations at one of our two retreat centres in Alberta and Manitoba. Complete with private suites and surrounded by beautiful natural landscapes, our centres provide attendees with full hospitality and delicious meals. The purpose of providing an all-inclusive, resort-style setting is to ensure husbands and wives can escape the daily distractions of life to focus on rebuilding their relationship with God and with their spouse.

At Focus on the Family Canada, we know marriage can be a thriving, lifelong relationship that endures through trials, sickness, financial crisis and emotional stresses. But we also know that couples who are struggling need to be equipped with proven, Biblically based tools in order to build this kind of relationship. We want couples to not just survive these challenges, but thrive. We have seen how the principles of the Hope Restored marriage intensive program have turned marriages around.

Here are just a couple of stories from couples who have attended:

  • “I came with limited expectations. What I experienced was transformative. The whole [Hope Restored] program was great; I learned something new and worthwhile every hour. The cost was significant, but the value was beyond money. I believe the program saved our marriage.”
  • “We have no words to describe how amazing and wonderful our experience [at Hope Restored] was. My wife and I have renewed hope and many tools to excel and accelerate us forward to newer and closer places where deeper fellowship, communication, intimacy and growth can happen.”

If you’re struggling in your own marriage or you have someone close to you who is, we encourage you to visit, call 1.833.999.HOPE (4673) or email our team at [email protected].