Across the country, families just like yours are facing all kinds of difficulties in their lives: the heartbreak of a broken marriage, the pain of a prodigal child, the ridicule of their faith, the grief they feel for our fallen world.

We hear from families every day that need help. They need access to trustworthy and Scripturally sound guidance in order to navigate these challenges of life.

You can help families in tangible, life-changing ways! By donating today, you will ensure that:

  • Families across the country have access to enhanced tools and relevant content on our website.
  • Couples who are at the brink of divorce will have access to a new intensive marriage counselling retreat.
  • Individuals who are struggling through hardships will receive prayer and much-needed counselling support.
  • Spouses who are looking to reconnect will be encouraged at date night events in their area.
  • Parents and grandparents will find new resources to build faith in their children and grandchildren.