What are your plans for the summer? Whether you’re at the beach, beside a hotel pool or relaxing in your favourite nook at home, summer is a great time to grab a book and enjoy a good read. I love that Focus on the Family Canada always has such a wide selection of books, audio books and magazines.

Here are a few new offerings for you and your family to enjoy over the summer months.


Signals: How Brain Science and the Bible Help Parents Raise Resilient Children
While we can’t see the brain, it sends signals to us and to those around us. Just as the colours of a traffic light send drivers a signal to go, slow down or stop, our brains signal to our emotions and affect our behaviour toward others. This book offers a simple, relational approach to help you become aware of your emotions, their impact on others, and how to implement this technique in your home, school or ministry.
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Unlikely Fighter
Greg Stier was raised in a family of bodybuilding, tobacco-chewing, fist-fighting thugs. He never knew his biological father because his mom had met his dad at a party; she got pregnant, and he left town. Though his mom almost aborted him, in a last-minute twist, Greg’s life was spared for so much more. Unlikely Fighter is the incredible story of how God showed up in Greg’s life – and how he can show up in yours as well. This is a memoir of violence and mayhem – and how God can transform everything.
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The Imagination Station (Books 1-28)
Looking for wholesome beginner chapter books for younger readers? Kids love this series from the writers of Adventures in Odyssey. In each installment, two cousins travel back in time to face perils alongside heroes from the past. When kids step into The Imagination Station, they experience an unforgettable journey filled with action-packed adventure to inspire their imaginations. Perfect for beginning readers, these easy-to-read chapter books will keep kids entertained as they journey through history with Patrick and Beth.
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Solomon Says Devotional: 100 Days of Wisdom from the World’s Wisest King
If we could give our tweens one tool to mold them into strong, faithful adults, what might that tool be? The wisdom of the Bible. Thankfully, this wisdom is easily accessible in the book of Proverbs, written by King Solomon, the wisest man to ever live. This unique devotional for tweens offers young minds 100 devotions based on priceless wisdom straight from King Solomon himself.
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Who Are You Following?
Bestselling author and social media personality Sadie Robertson Huff dives deep into exploring who we’re allowing to influence our daily thoughts and actions. With an excellent grasp of scriptural truths, using current research, surveys, and personal and biblical stories, Sadie draws on her own experience as a social media influencer.
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Jean-Paul Beran, MA
 Focus on the Family Canada