When kids come to your door this Halloween, why not give them faith-inspiring stories from Adventures in Odyssey!

I especially want to draw your attention to “The Jones and Parker Detective Agency,” an Odyssey sampler CD available in 10-pack and 15-pack formats.

These delightful mysteries, featuring young sleuths Emily Jones and Matthew Parker, are the perfect gift for the season. And who knows, they may just open the door to win a child to Christ! The CDs make great gifts for schools, clubs and Halloween alternative events as well.

Halloween is an excellent opportunity to share God’s love with your neighbours and to shine the light of Christ in your community.

You can order “The Jones and Parker Detective Agency” sampler CD in packs of 10 or packs of 15, and give the gift of Odyssey this Halloween. Whether at a church or community activity, or even at your own front door, you never know who you’ll impact!