As we get to the end of a summer that kept most of us close to home rather than abroad, we are all looking to the future now with a bit of uncertainty. However, it’s my hope that you and your family have experienced growth in this unprecedented year.

To continue that trend of growth and learning, I’m excited to announce that we have just released our new catalogue with resources for kids and teens! Each offering has been hand-picked for how we believe God can speak into the heart of those who hear or read it, and thus grow deeper in their relationship with Christ.

Here are just a few highlights from this year’s catalogue:

Younger years (ages 4 and under): Otter B 6-book series. The beloved Otter learns some important lessons about biblical character in this 6-book set. Join Otter and discover these great lessons on honesty, kindness, bravery, helpfulness, taking turns and trustworthiness. You never know what honest, open conversations it might inspire between you and your kids or grandkids!

Ages 8+: Degrees of Kelvin. This story is a sci-fi parallel to the book of Acts that will especially resonate with young readers in their real-world experience with the coronavirus pandemic. It helps kids answer these common questions: “I’m a good person, why do I need God?” “I believe in a God, why do I need Jesus?” Kelvin has lived his entire life in space on a mining platform near the star Gliese 433, where his parents are engineers. During an outbreak of Centpowkian flu, ships from nearby colonies descend on Kelvin’s home – bringing Laney and an alien named Nixblatt. Kelvin protects Nixblatt, helps him heal from an injury and tells him about Jesus. Nixblatt then invites Kelvin and Laney to come to his world to tell his people about Jesus.

Teens: He Numbered the Pores on My Face. This heartwarming read is for teens who long for beauty, love and rest. Any labels you long for today might as well be “looks good in butterfly clips” if you are not rooted in who Jesus says you are, because any self-centred or shy-centred identity is going to leave you in the same place: unfulfilled and unhappy. Girls will relate to Scarlet’s stories as she discusses hottie lists, eating disorders and haphazard beauty in a way that is both humorous and thought-provoking. Through it all, she describes how she found peace by learning to see life not through a mirror but through a Saviour who shapes who we were, who we are and who we will be. This title could be a great catalyst for engaging with the young girls in your realm of influence.

Mom and Dad: Raising up Dreamers. How do you raise Christian kids who have dreams that seem beyond their reach? How do we help kids maintain hopes and goals when they live in an ever-uncertain world? Parenting is an important task, but the pressure doesn’t need to be on us. As parents, we simply need to follow the leading of the Lord with the understanding that our children’s natural abilities are actually the Lord working out his plan for them. When we give Christ unlimited control of our parenting, we learn that Jesus is a better parent to our children than we can ever hope to be. As Shelia Erwin shares personal stories of raising two successful filmmakers and delves into biblical principles, you will be encouraged to cultivate your children’s gifts and help them reach their dreams – no matter how impossible they seem.