Spring is just around the corner, bringing along its annual promise of new life and new growth. And so, in the spirit of the coming season, I’m delighted to present this featured selection of four items from our new spring catalogue, hand-picked for you by our team, to inspire each member of your family to thrive in their relationships and grow in their faith.

For parents: Doing Life with Your Adult Children by Jim Burns

If you have adult children, you know parenting doesn’t stop when they reach the age of 18. In many ways, it gets more complicated. In this book, parenting expert Jim Burns helps you navigate the toughest and most rewarding parts of parenting your grown kids. With positive principles on bringing kids back to faith, ideas on how to leave a legacy as a grandparent, and encouragement for every changing season, Doing Life with Your Adult Children is a unique book about your changing role in a calling that never ends.

For parents: Gist by Michael W. Anderson and Timothy D. Johanson

Gist offers a fresh look at parenting that’s effective and enjoyable. The focus is on instilling “life readiness” in age-appropriate ways at any stage of child-rearing. Readers will discover why their previous parenting efforts may have been frustrating and futile, and they’ll learn how to prepare “life-ready” kids with less drama and more joy. Gist provides a review of what the journey to adulthood entails, while also examining those parenting strategies that have been proven not to work. This translates into an approach that eliminates many of the power struggles and ineffective patterns that can rob families of their joy.

For kids: Adventures in Odyssey #68: Out of the Blue

Jaws drop and eyes widen at the surprises happening around the town of Odyssey. Everyone is finding or learning something unexpected! When Connie’s roommate Jillian sets out to find a job, the hunt takes her all over town. But whether it’s destroying a window display at Triple J Antiques, causing chaos at Odyssey General Hospital, or trying her hand at meteorology, she just can’t catch a break. Will she ever find the perfect fit for her unique skills? But the biggest surprises won’t be revealed until you listen to these six adventures. Don’t miss a single twist, turn or bombshell in Adventures in Odyssey #68: Out of the Blue!

For faith: No Such Thing as Can’t by Lisa Sexton and Tyler Sexton

Not many doctors have cerebral palsy, yet this disability was part of the Great Physician’s plan for Tyler Sexton. Because of it, Tyler has become a role model for others facing adversity, including his patients. Tyler’s story was featured on ABC’s 20/20 and was the basis for many episodes of the medical drama, The Good Doctor. This is a man who says, “I’d rather walk with a limp in Christ than with a strut in the world”; who wears superhero t-shirts and tells his little patients they’re super too, despite their physical problems; and whose stint at a medical school in the Caribbean completely erased the islanders’ negative view of disability. No Such Thing as Can’t is an inspiring true story that will encourage readers to face adversity with hope, determination and the strength of Christ.

Whether it’s practical parenting tips, uplifting entertainment for the kids, or inspiring real-life stories, there’s something here for everyone. You can find these faith-building resources at our online store, together with many others in our new spring catalogue. I invite you to check them out and make this spring a time of true growth for every member of your family!