Here at Focus, we’re more committed than ever to nurturing healthy marriages. We desire to help couples wherever they’re at, whether it’s to prepare for a thriving marriage, maintain the current strength of their marriage or even to breathe new inspiration into their relationship.

A healthy marriage requires serious effort at every stage. But laughter and fun are just as vital to creating and maintaining a strong, vibrant, intimate relationship that will last a lifetime.

To that end, one of the offerings we’re so excited to share with you is Ted Cunningham’s book, A Love That Laughs: Lighten Up, Cut Loose and Enjoy Life Together.

Cunningham recognizes that one of the secrets of a great marriage is laughing together. He demonstrates that couples don’t need to choose between work and play, duty and fun, laughter and responsibility. Through his book, he helps couples learn how to use fun, humour and laughter to lighten the load of everyday life, reduce stress and grow closer together.

Pick up your copy of A Love That Laughs today and start discovering fresh new ways to build fun and laughter into your marriage!