What is your family’s faith story? Have you experienced the richness of a faith passed down from one generation to the next? Maybe you have a legacy of faith in your family but are struggling to pass it along to your children or grandchildren? Or perhaps you are the first generation of believers striving to understand how to live out your faith in your family? 

Every day at Focus on the Family Canada we hear from moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas dealing with the hurt, confusion and feelings of guilt over rebellious and wayward children and grandchildren. The turmoil and desperation in their voices, emails and letters is heartbreaking:

  • It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to pass faith from one generation to another. 
  • Our children’s schools teach values that challenge the Christian principles we’re trying to teach at home. 
  • Our society pushes for tolerance and acceptance of things that are often completely at odds with what the Bible teaches. 
  • It seems that popular culture vilifies what we know to be true, to be right, to be good – almost on a daily basis. 
  • On top of this, even some Christian families are allowing the influence of society to change their beliefs, only adding to the confusion. 

As a result, it’s more important than ever that we learn to model a biblical example of grace and truth, first to our children and grandchildren and then also to the community around us. 

For more than 35 years, Focus on the Family Canada has been committed to equipping families so they can instill faith across generations. And through the work of this ministry, we hear story after story about people coming to know Christ, children developing deep faith, families impacting their communities, and broken relationships being restored – all because of the power of God in their lives. 

But we can’t do this alone. Will you donate today to ensure families have access to resources that deepen their faith and practically address the issues their children and grandchildren are facing from a biblical perspective? 

Your gift will provide families a trusted place to turn to, in a time when it’s hard to know who to trust. And through the generosity of one family, who wholeheartedly believes there is a great need in Canada for the work of Focus on the Family and wants to encourage others to give, every donation given to this campaign from now until December 31 will be matched – up to $100,000! 

Please give generously this Christmas to help parents and grandparents develop a long-lasting faith in the next generation. 

Through the support of friends like you, families are being changed. We recently heard from Janet* who shared the following: 

“Thank you for praying for us through some of the challenging times in years past. We have six adult children all married and doing well with 12 grandchildren in all . . . We say thank you to Focus for being there for us and encouraging us as we raised our children and now as we are reaching out to our grandchildren in meaningful ways wanting to support their parents as they train up their children.”

Your support will make stories like Janet’s possible. The impact of Adventures in OdysseyKids of Integrity, the ClubhouseClubhouse Jr. and Brio magazines, and many other resources for children and teens is making a real difference in the development of their faith! 

When you support Focus on the Family Canada, not only will you give families access to top-notch faith-building entertainment and curriculum, you’ll also provide them with articles and downloads to address the situations they’re facing. Every day parents and grandparents are turning to our websitemagazine and podcast for help as they navigate complex issues with their children and grandchildren. Whether it’s drugs, gender or sexual identity, anxiety, self-harm, or pornography, your generosity is giving families practical support. 

Plus, when an article or a podcast isn’t enough, our counselling and care team is ready to help families with answers for their specific situation. Our team responds to the many emails and phone calls from families across Canada who need that extra help dealing with the needs of their kids and grandkids. Grounded in biblical wisdom and training, our team helps families to not only address the issue but points them to the hope of Jesus Christ. 

Would you give generously this Christmas so moms, dads, grandmas and grandpas are equipped to build a legacy of faith in their family? 

Many things in society today are changing fast – often leaving us feeling uncertain of what lies ahead and how to navigate it. But one thing is certain and sure to bring us through even the most difficult circumstances: faith in God. 

And though none of us knows what tomorrow holds, we can be certain that investing in the faith of our children, grandchildren and families is something that will last for eternity. 

As you spend time with your loved ones this Christmas, I pray you’ll have opportunity to deepen your faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and grow in your relationship with each other. May your faith be multiplied!

*Name changed to protect privacy