One of the most vital elements in a thriving, healthy marriage is for the couple to understand each other’s unique love language. In fact, a relationship can flourish or fail, depending on whether this crucial link is present or missing in the marriage.

Here at Focus, we’re deeply committed to helping couples nurture their love languages. And so, we’re excited to announce that New York Times bestselling author Gary Chapman will be coming back to Canada for a tour of events this fall.

When Chapman released his book, The 5 Love Languages, over 20 years ago, it helped couples find a voice to articulate their unique relational needs and gain a better understanding of each other. The book has sold over 10 million copies, and continues to inspire fruitful conversations between spouses. Our counselling and care team recommends it with confidence to couples and individuals who are struggling in their marriages, perhaps feeling lost or misunderstood.

During the tour, Chapman will also share about the five languages of apology from When Sorry Isn’t Enough, a book he co-wrote with Jennifer Thomas.

Whether you’re dating, engaged or married, you’ll discover principles that you can apply at any stage to any relationship. You can find more information about the tour and about Gary Chapman on our website.