“Mom, dad, can I read this?”

In our ever-busy day and age, parents have a lot to juggle. As a parent myself, I know it’s tempting to give our children a quick “yes” for some down time, but with so much content available, it’s hard to properly vet whether it will build them up or bring them down.

That’s why I’m so thankful for the entertainment and resources created by Focus on the Family Canada. For more than 40 years, Focus on the Family Canada has been a name that families can trust. That includes being a source of entertainment and education for the whole family. I can always trust that the content is biblically sound and will strengthen my children’s relationship with Christ.

I’m very excited to showcase a huge variety of faith-building resources. Here are a few selections that I’d love to tell you about:

Adventures in Odyssey #76: Keep It Together
When Morrie is accused of a serious crime, others race to help, but Emily struggles to believe he’s innocent. Elsewhere, Jason sends Buck on his first spy mission, and Jules wants to join a band. (Ages 8+)
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The Imagination Station #32: Courage at the Castle
In fifteenth-century England, Patrick and Beth meet William Tyndale who is translating the Bible into English for everyone to read. But King Henry VIII opposes the idea and is growing angry. (Ages 7+)
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The Magnificent Mulligans #4: What a Croc!
Things keep going wrong for the Mulligans. Are they under spiritual attack? Mike, Traci and their family of special needs kids will have to trust God to keep their wildlife park running in the midst of it all. (Ages 8+)
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Riverbend Friends #7: Running on Empty
With school starting up, Izzy is wondering who to trust. All her friends have something they’re struggling with, and in this age of smartphones, secrets can quickly leak out.
(Girls 12+)
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You’ll find so many more quality titles from Focus on the Family Canada for kids and teens as well, including magazines like Clubhouse, Clubhouse Jr. and Brio. Discover resources you can trust.


Jean-Paul Beran, MA
 Focus on the Family Canada