A big part of a thriving, healthy marriage is learning to enjoy time together with our spouse, to have shared experiences that include laughter and fun.

That’s why we’re so excited to announce that the Date Night Tour is back this coming February, bringing clean comedy to couples across Canada!

This year’s lineup features Mark Christopher Lawrence, Andy Beningo, Joey ILO, Paul May and Leland Klassen. In addition to his comedy, Mark Christopher Lawrence will also be familiar to some of you as the voice of Ed Washington on Adventures in Odyssey.

Each location on this year’s tour will feature a different mix of comedians. You can check our Date Night Tour webpage for bios on each of our performers, as well as for the latest on who’ll be appearing where and on which night.

Mark your calendar for February, and get set to enjoy an evening of fun and laughter for you and your spouse at this year’s Date Night Tour!