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Help for families during COVID-19

Focus on the Family Canada is here to help you and your loved ones thrive at home

Help for your family during COVID-19

Family devotions

Outside there may be upheaval. But you can have peace and hope because God is near. Open God’s Word together and let biblical truth bring contagious calm to your household. May it start conversations that uplift you and your loved ones and strengthen your faith, so you can encourage friends and neighbors around you. What will God do in your family during this time?


These are unprecedented times – schedules are suddenly wide open and home, school and work are jumbled up like never before. What an opportunity to learn, play and grow with your children! They’re watching you and need you now more than ever. This topsy-turvy time can be a gift. Make the most of it by connecting with your kids in new, meaningful ways.

Activities for kids


A crisis situation can bring you and your spouse together – or it can create stress and drive a wedge between you. Strained finances, a lack of intimacy and tense communication may be some of the challenges you face while you’re homebound. But the messiness of this moment can be the perfect season to serve your spouse and show him or her how much you cherish them.

Life challenges

We are living in a unique and unprecedented time. Many of us are feeling the weight of grief, loss and anxiety as we try to navigate daily news updates and this “new normal” of social distancing and self-isolation. But we want you to know there is hope and help available if you or a loved one is struggling. 

We're here to help

We know how difficult this time can be for families and those living in isolation, and we want you to know that our staff is continuing to pray daily for the specific needs of families across the country. We can rest in the assurance of having a sovereign, loving God who hears our prayers and comes near to us in times of distress.

If you would like to be covered in prayer or there’s someone on your heart who you would like us to pray for, please tell us. It would be our privilege to pray.


At Focus on the Family Canada, we believe prayer is a powerful way to assist families. Each weekday morning, our staff prays individually for the needs that have been shared with us.

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We have registered, professional counsellors who are committed Christians with ministry experience.

If a free one-time consultation would be helpful for you, please call and ask to speak to the care associate who will arrange a time for you to speak with a counsellor. It is our gift to you.

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