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Depression can be a painful, frightening experience in which life seems dark, hopeless, scary and sometimes not even worth living. What makes people depressed and how can those who experience depression find healing? To help you and those you love during this difficult time, we’ve gathered together articles that speak into this often-confusing area of life in order to provide you with guidance and support based on God’s Word.

Understanding depression 

Depression can be easily misunderstood as its symptoms often go unnoticed – even by the person who is carrying the weight. Before any steps can be taken to find hope and healing, there are a few things to understand about how to recognize depression.

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Facts on depression

Depression: Who really understands it?

Living with depression 

For many Canadians, depression is an everyday battle. It’s a regular part of their lives and learning to live with it and find the right support can often be challenging. There are, however, many tools and resources people can use to step forward as someone with depression or as a loved one of someone who is struggling.


Beauty in the Browns by Paul Asay 

Five Keys to Dealing with Depression by Dr. Gregory Jantz 

Healing Depression for Life by Dr. Gregory Jantz and Keith Wall

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When your child is depressed

Teen depression is sadly common in our culture but recognizing the signs can be tricky for parents. These articles will help you, as a mom, dad, grandparent or loved one, unpack what the teen, or even child, in your life may be facing and how you can help them live well.

Books for children:

What Am I Feeling? by Dr. Josh and Christi Straub 

Just in Case You Ever Wonder by Max Lucado 

The Berenstain Bears Why Do Good Bears Have Bad Days? By Mike Berenstain 

Lies Girls Believe by Dannah Gresh 

It Will Be Okay by Lysa TerKeurst 

For teens:

Why Am I Feeling Like This? A Teen's Guide to Freedom From Anxiety and Depression by David Murray

For parents:

Why Is My Teenager Feeling Like This? A Guide for Helping Teens Through Anxiety and Depression by David Murray

Is Your Teen Stressed or Depressed? by Drs. Archibald D. Hart and Catherine Hart Weber 

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Free Adventures in Odyssey episodes

Episode 592: “Now More Than Ever”

Episode 368: “The Other Woman”

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Depression as a new parent 

Postpartum depression is a common experience for a lot of new moms. Feelings of sadness, shame, guilt and fear all compound to make life with a new baby incredibly challenging. Even fathers are not immune to this mental health challenge as a new parent. These articles will help answer a few questions you have and provide you with practical advice to move ahead.

Helping a loved one with depression

Depression is hard. It’s hard if you are the person experiencing it, but it’s also hard if you are the friend or family member of that person. How do you walk alongside someone through their darkest valley? How can you take care of yourself as you take care of them? These articles will provide you with understanding and practical help. 


Understanding and Loving a Person With Depression by Stephen Arterburn and Brenda Hunter 


If you’re looking for additional support, we encourage you to look at the help offered by the Canadian Mental Health Association and Sanctuary Mental Health Ministries. You can also contact our care and counselling team to speak to one of our in-house counsellors or get connected to a registered counsellor in your area. Call us at 1.888.937.7174 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. PT and ask to speak with the care associate.

Since depression and anxiety often go hand in hand, check out this series page for additional help: