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Women in film

Positive, inspiring and challenging portrayals of female characters from the world of popular films
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All too often, popular films objectify women, reducing them to stereotypes or using them as little more than props in a man’s story. Such treatments fly in the face of God’s design for both women and men as his valued image-bearers. But sometimes, these popular movies will surprise us with nuanced portrayals of women at the centre of their own stories. Such films can echo various facets of God’s truth, provide food for theological reflection, or simply offer a few hours of uplifting entertainment.

The following articles take a critical look at films featuring intelligent, empowered female characters that will challenge and inspire women – and men – of all ages.*

Heroic women

Women of science

Fathers and daughters

*These articles do not constitute an endorsement by Focus on the Family Canada of the films discussed therein. Consult full reviews at Plugged In to help you determine whether these films are appropriate for you or your family.