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Parenting children with special needs

Help with parenting that goes above and beyond
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Parenting a child with special needs calls parents to give of themselves to an extent that other parents could never imagine. Yet it’s not without great joy. It’s a challenge parents rise to, their love overflowing to fill in the gaps, to counter each child’s losses. Still, the unknowns are difficult. Very often, parents of children with special needs have to write their own parenting playbook as they go along, wondering, What's next? What do I do now? If you have a child with special needs, we hope you find encouragement in the thoughts and insights from other parents that are shared here....

Coming to terms with your child's diagnosis

Practical issues for parents

Involving siblings and grandparents

Recommended resource:

Real Families, Real Needs: A compassionate guide for families living with disabilities

Educating others

Recommended resources:

Only You Can Be Youby Nathan and Sally Clarkson for ages 2+

God Made Me Unique: Helping children see value in every person for ages 4+

Who Do You See When You Look at Me? for ages 4+

A Party to Rememberby Tim Tebow for ages 4+

I Am Potential - a family friendly movie for all ages

Inspiring stories from adults

Recommended resources:

No Such Thing As Can't, by Lisa Sexton and Tyler Sexton, M.D.

Angel for Higher by Robert Hendershot

Raising children with Down syndrome

Recommended resource:

Angel for Higher by Robert Hendershot

Raising children with autism

Recommended resources:

Aching Joy: Following God Through the Land of Unanswered Prayer by Jason Hague

Dancing With Max by Emily Colson

United in Autism: Finding Strength Inside the Spectrum by Julie Hornok

For personal help:

Would you like to talk with someone about your situation? We offer a free, one-time phone consultation with one of our professional, in-house counsellors. Simply call us at 1.888. 951.7172 and ask to speak to the care associate. The care associate will arrange a convenient time for a counsellor to call you back.

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