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Chronic health challenges

Holding on to hope in the midst of health challenges
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According to recent statistics, 44 per cent of adults in Canada aged 20-plus have at least 1 of 10 common chronic conditions, such as hypertension, osteoarthritis or osteoporosis. And an estimated 7.6 million – or one in five – people live with chronic pain, which is defined as any pain that lasts longer than three months.

Perhaps you are someone who deals with a chronic health challenge. Or you know of a parent, child, spouse, friend or neighbour who deals with this. Or maybe someone very close to you carries this burden every day and you have no idea. The following articles, broadcasts and resources will help you understand what you can do to help others, how you can navigate this challenge yourself, and why we need to hold on to God in these difficult seasons. 

If chronic illness is part of your story or the story of your family, please reach out. Whether the illness is mental or physical, the first and greatest step you can take is asking for help. And if you are struggling with how to care well for a friend or family member, you’ll need help too. Our care team is ready to pray with you, offer a free one-time phone counselling consultation, or direct you to relevant resources to equip you on this long road. Call us at 1.888.937.8084, email [email protected] or visit FocusOnTheFamily.ca/Help.

Chronic health and faith


Coping With Chronic Illness by H. Norman Wright and Lynn Ellis

One More Step by Rachel Wojo

Chronic health and marriage


In Sickness and In Health by Dr. David Hawkins

Chronic health and parenting


Hope for Families of Children With Cancer by Lynda T. Young and chaplain Johnnathan Ward

Why Does God Let Bad Things Happen? by Chris Morphew 

God Made Me Unique: Helping Children See Value in Every Person by Joni and Friends

Who Do You See When You Look at Me? by Angela Ray Rodgers with Grace Anna

What Do I Do with Worry? by Dr. Josh and Christi Straub

Helping others

We also recognize that chronic health concerns go beyond the physical and can impact our mental health. To download free PDF booklets on anxiety, depression, stress and burnout, and more, visit FocusOnTheFamily.ca/PDFBooklets.