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A Focus Series

Key parenting principles

An introduction to some fundamental parenting strategies
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The first and most essential requirement for effective parenting is to ensure that your child always feels a close emotional connection to you. You know that you love your child to bits, but your child may not always sense that. Your child needs to be able to feel your love on their side of the relationship. On this page you’ll learn about attachment, that is, how to maintain that close relationship with your child. Plus, you’ll learn some additional principles that apply to other important areas of parenting.

Maintaining a close emotional bond with your child

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Maintaining a close emotional bond during discipline

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Building emotional intelligence and resilience

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Are My Kids On Track? by Sissy Goff, David Thomas and Melissa Trevathan

What Am I Feeling? by Josh and Christi Straub

Bringing out the best in your child: Character and academics

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Start With the Heart by Kathy Koch

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You Can't Make Me . . .  by Cynthia Tobias