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In these four- to six-part video series you’ll learn how to tackle your child's doubts about their faith, prepare your child for their teen years, how to turn from anger to affection in your marriage, how to find freedom from pornography, and how to better appreciate and cherish your spouse.

Each short video also comes with additional resources to help you to dive deeper into each topic.

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Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage with Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley

Conflict is normal and actually healthy in a marriage. In fact, conflict can even help your marriage!

We want to help you get down to the heart level and understand what’s really going on when you and your spouse have those moments of conflict, equipping you to instead turn it into something that can strengthen your union.

To do this, we’ve created a free seven-part video series called Fight Your Way to a Better Marriage. Through this video series, bestselling authors Dr. Greg and Erin Smalley will give you an honest look at one of the most challenging aspects of married life, and provide you with practical, biblically based advice on how you and your spouse can handle conflict better!

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Raising Your Kids to Defend Their Faith with Natasha Crain

As the culture becomes more and more hostile to Jesus and the truths of Christianity, it's easy to worry that your kids will be influenced by the skepticism of the world and begin to develop doubts about their beliefs.

In this series of four short videos, you'll hear from author Natasha Crain as she describes some crucial faith conversations she had with her three children to help them build a robust faith.

Following each video you'll also find a list of suggested resources to help you start teaching your children some fundamental arguments for the truth of Christianity.

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Preparing Your Kids for the Teen Years with Danny Huerta and Jessie Minassian

Guiding teens through puberty and adolescence can be difficult. You may feel ill-equipped, scared or that you wish you could avoid it altogether.

We get it.

That’s why Focus on the Family Canada wants to give you some real, practical help with this free, five-part video series called Preparing Your Kids for the Teen Years featuring Danny Huerta, clinical social worker and vice-president of parenting and youth at Focus on the Family in the U.S., and teen expert Jessie Minassian.

You will learn how to talk to your preteen son or daughter about their changing bodies, God’s good design for sex, and how it all fits in with growing up.

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Discovering God's Freedom from Pornography with Nick and Michelle Stumbo

Nick Stumbo was first introduced to pornography as a young teen and struggled with addiction for 17 years – 10 of those as a pastor. Because of the overwhelming feelings of guilt and shame, Nick carried his burden in secret, promising himself he’d stop looking before giving in, yet again, to temptation.

 In this six-part video series, Nick and his wife, Michelle, share honestly about his cycle of slip-up, confession and promise, and explain what eventually led Nick to find freedom from his pornography addiction.

Men and women across the country are carrying this burden in silence, and the best thing we can do with our struggles is bring them to the light. This video series is a great first step in experiencing your own freedom from pornography.

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From Anger to Affection with Greg and Erin Smalley

Are you and your spouse fighting more often? In those moments after conflict, do you need help turning away from anger and turning back toward them with affection?

Greg and Erin Smalley want to help you do just that with this free five-part video series called From Anger to Affection!

With humour and wisdom, they will help you calm down after conflict, learn how you can serve your spouse and more. You will also find a free devotional download and engaging questions that you can ask your spouse to help build intimacy and understanding.

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Cherish Your Spouse with Gary Thomas

Gary Thomas wants to help you take your relationship to the next level! In this free, five-part video series, he will show you how to support, adore, showcase and protect your spouse.

Husbands and wives know they are supposed to love each other, but they don’t always like or appreciate each other. When we cherish our spouse, we reach for that ideal where we are genuinely enjoying our spouse. Cherishing is different from infatuation because you cherish someone even though you know all their faults and weaknesses.

Watch as Gary describes practical ways to cherish your spouse: by paying attention to them, going to them first, supporting, encouraging rather than criticizing, and avoiding contempt. Cherishing is something we need to be intentional about doing – even if we do it imperfectly! The result will be a happier, more fulfilling relationship in marriage.

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