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Our mailing labels are printed two months in advance. Therefore, it would take a minimum of two months for you to see evidence of your address change. If you still don't receive contact from us after the two-month window, please contact us by calling 1.800.661.9800 or emailing [email protected]

If you are receiving duplicate mailings, please contact us by calling 1.800.661.9800 or emailing [email protected] and report the personal account numbers from both of the duplicate mailings.

Your personal account number is an eight- or nine-digit number starting with either a 1 or a 9. It is found on the upper-left corner of the magazine address label, the top-left corner of donation receipts and on the bottom-right corner of packing slips.

Everyone who has contacted our ministry has a personal account number. This number is an eight- or nine-digit number starting with either a 9 or a 1 (adults) or a 7 (kids/teens). It is found on the upper-left corner of the address label, the top-left corner of donation receipts or on the bottom-right corner of packing slips. Focus on the Family Canada greatly appreciates you having your personal number available whenever you contact us. For further assistance, call 1.800.661.9800 or email [email protected].    

Renewal notices are automatically prepared one month in advance of mailing. Therefore, a notice and your renewal may have crossed in the mail. Thank you for your patience as we process your renewal or cancellation. If you have any further questions about your membership status, please feel free to contact us by calling 1.800.661.9800 or emailing [email protected].

You can let us know about your change of address, phone number or email address by phone at 1.800.661.9800 or fill out our Change of Address Form online.

Focus on the Family Canada is much more than a network of websites, magazines and radio shows. It's a community seeking the time-tested benefits of living according to traditional family values.

Our audience is loyal because for over 30 years we've earned their trust. And while we work very hard to protect this special relationship with them, we're willing to share our public forum with advertising partners that demonstrate integrity and can offer our constituents helpful products and services.

Our Focus audience is demographically diverse, engaged and eager to support our advertisers. We look forward to learning more about your cause and how we might partner through advertising on Focus channels to everyone's mutual benefit.

For information or to request a proposal, please send your name, company name, email address, phone number, and product/service being advertised to: [email protected]

Welcome to Focus on the Family Canada and the world of volunteering! Volunteers are the foundation of our ministry. Volunteers bring enthusiasm, energy, skills and knowledge to the volunteer program. There’s a variety of volunteer activities and events waiting for you to explore.

Four ways to volunteer: 

  • Focus on the Family Canada prayer partner 
  • Hosting a Focus on the Family Canada Sunday in your church 
  • Assisting with regional/provincial event activities 
  • Providing administrative support through various departments at head office

Volunteer qualifications: 

Commitment to Christ 
Spiritual development is at the core of the philosophy of Focus on the Family Canada; therefore, a volunteer must have a personal, growing relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Commitment to the local Church
A volunteer must be a part of a body of believers that can provide support and encouragement. Involvement with Focus on the Family Canada's volunteer ministry may provide spiritual growth and fellowship, but in no way should participation with Focus on the Family Canada be seen as a substitute for commitment to a local church. 

Commitment to Focus on the Family Canada
A volunteer must be in agreement with the purpose and key objectives of Focus on the Family Canada. A volunteer must also endorse our Statement of Faith. 

Commitment to work with others from different Christian traditions
Focus on the Family Canada draws its support from a variety of people, churches and organizations; therefore, a volunteer must be able to work with Christians from different backgrounds and denominations. 

Commitment to a balanced Christian lifestyle
A volunteer must be committed to a balanced Christian lifestyle, which includes: maturity, emotional stability, healthy interpersonal relationships, financial responsibility and a stable living situation. 

Commitment to teamwork
A volunteer must work to build teams that exemplify unity in Christ and make the overall organization successful. A volunteer must have problem-solving skills and a cooperative attitude. Commitment to cooperate with Focus on the Family Canada supervision. A volunteer must be willing to cooperate with the direct supervisor in his or her ministry area. 

Commitment to special qualifications
A volunteer must meet any specialized qualifications required for a specific ministry position.

Join others to make a positive impact in Canada! 

Contact us at [email protected].

If you are having problems accessing our website, you've found broken links or have any suggestions for how we can improve, please let us know.


Our programs and services are funded by generous Canadians like you. We do not receive any government funding nor do we have endowments to defray our costs. 

We rely on charitable gifts to cover our expenses on an annual basis. Where possible, we generate income from event registrations, the sale of books and resources, and from sponsors/advertisers of our programs so that the donations we receive go even further in the provision of support for Canadian families. 

Putting it simply, we couldn’t do what we do without donations from individuals like you. Thank you for partnering with us!

Focus on the Family Canada’s Registered Charitable Number is 10684-5969-RR0001. 

A tax receipt will be issued for donations exceeding $5. 

Yes, we issue annual receipts for monthly donors, new donors or by request. If you would like to make the switch to receive annual receipts, please email us at [email protected] or call us at 1.800.661.9800. Annual receipts are typically mailed within the last two weeks of February.

Yes we can! You can contact us at 1.800.661.9800 or [email protected] and we will be able to assist you in having e-receipts set up and sent to your email.

Certainly! Please contact us by phone at 1.800.661.9800 or email [email protected] and we’ll issue you a replacement.

If you’ve received a new credit card number, please call us at 1.800.661.9800 and we’ll update your account (please do not send us any credit card information by email).

You can mail us a new voided cheque or scan the new banking information and email it to us at [email protected]. Please include a note that explains this is new banking information to replace your old information.

You can change the amount of your monthly donation or discontinue your automated gifts by emailing us at [email protected] or calling us at 1.800.661.9800.

By law, Focus on the Family Canada is not permitted to refund a donation eligible for a charitable donation receipt. Once a donation is received by us, we are required by law to use it for charitable purposes. 

If you have already made a charitable donation to Focus on the Family Canada, please understand that we are not permitted to refund it to you at your request, apart from unusual situations such as fraud. If you have further questions, our team would be happy to assist you. Please email us at [email protected] or call 1.800.661.9800

Yes, we accept gifts of securities. Simply download and complete the “Donations of Stock” letter and send a copy by fax, mail or email to your broker AND Focus on the Family Canada. For more information on how to give a gift of securities, please email us at [email protected] or call 1.800.661.9800

Donations can be directed to specific board-approved programs and projects (See Leadership Gifts for more information.). 

Each charitable donation directed toward an approved program or project will be used as restricted with the understanding that when the need for such a program or project has been met, or cannot be completed for any reason as determined by the Focus on the Family Canada board, the remaining restricted contributions will be used where most needed. 

To include Focus on the Family Canada in your will, please list our charity as Focus on the Family (Canada) Association, and include our charitable registration number: 10684-5969-RR0001. 

If you need assistance with estate planning, please visit our Legacy Giving section for further information. We’ve partnered with ADVISORS with Purpose to provide tools and resources in order to help you with your estate planning needs. 

Thank you for considering Focus on the Family Canada and leaving a legacy of hope and faith for future generations of families. 

The Canadian Centre for Christian Charities (CCCC) is a registered charitable organization (CRA# 10684-4863-RR0001). It is also an association, primarily of charities, within the Christian community. Its purpose is to minister to Christian charities and the public by integrating spiritual concerns of ministry with practical aspects of management, stewardship and accountability.

This symbol is the CCCC’s Seal, a mark of excellence and trust. Charities displaying the Seal are certified members and adhere to high standards of integrity and efficiency as outlined below.

Nine standards for organizations displaying the CCCC Seal: 

  1. They are a Christian ministry. 
  2. They have an independent, active governing board. 
  3. They have audited financial statements. 
  4. They provide their financial statements to any person upon request. 
  5. They have an audit review committee monitoring internal financial controls. 
  6. They carry on their activities with the highest standards of integrity. 
  7. They keep their donors informed, respect their confidentiality, and use their donations as directed and on approved programs. 
  8. They evaluate their activities for effectiveness and efficiency. 
  9. They follow a written code expressing how they meet standards of accountability. For more information, please visit the CCCC’s website

You can submit a prayer request by email at [email protected], over the phone at 1.800.661.9800 or through our online prayer request form.

Yes, you can donate your vehicle through Donate a Car Canada

They will accept your vehicle for donation, sell it for the highest sale outcome possible and will then forward the net proceeds on to us at Focus on the Family Canada. We will then send you your tax-receipt for the amount we receive. 


The "B/O" term on your packing slip indicates that a resource is on back order. This means that we did not have that resource in our warehouse and are waiting for new stock to come in. As soon as new stock arrives, the resource will be shipped to you. If you have any questions about back-ordered items, please feel free to contact us at 1.800.661.9800. We thank you for your patience.

Please contact us at 1.800.661.9800 and we will check on the status of your parcel.

If you received a wrong resource, please call us at 1.800.661.9800. We will rectify the problem and have the correct item sent to you immediately.

If you received a damaged item from us by mail, please call us at 1.800.661.9800 and let us know. We will send you a replacement immediately. If you received a damaged item from our bookstore, please return the item to the store. You will then be given a replacement.

Once you have completed your order through our online bookstore, you are not able to cancel or make any changes; however, our service team will be happy to help you. Please call 1.800.661.9800 Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. PT (except Wednesdays, 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. PT) and we will be able to cancel or change your order. Please note: It’s important to call us the day that your order is placed, or as soon as our office opens the following day(s), so we are able to make the necessary changes before your order is processed and shipped.

Our service team will be pleased to help you. Please call 1.800.661.9800 Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. PT (except Wednesdays, 2:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. PT) for assistance.