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Thriving as a blended family

Help for parents and step-parents on bonding as a family
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Whether formed after the death of a spouse or through remarriage, blended families are led by parents defined by courage and hope. Having found their way through painful circumstances, they’ve stepped up to grasp another opportunity for happiness. Alongside courage and hope, parents of blended families need much wisdom too: their children may have conflicted feelings about this new beginning, there may be difficult ex-spouses to deal with, and pain from the past can make present-day issues confusing.

On this page you’ll hear from family experts and from other parents who have navigated many highs and lows of the blended family experience. If you’re parenting a blended family, we hope that their insights will help you and everyone in your household find more harmony and joy as a family.

Becoming informed before you remarry

How the kids may respond to your remarriage

Recommended resource

Preparing to Blend: A Couple's Guide to Becoming a Smart Stepfamily by Ron L. Deal

Protecting your marriage in a blended family

Recommended resource

The Smart Stepfamily Marriage by Ron L. Deal and David H. Olson

Blended families face unique challenges. It’s critical for parents to understand the dynamics at play in their blended family’s interconnected relationships so they can lead their family well. Join Smart Stepfamilies founder Ron Deal for a free, seven-part video series that will help you establish your blended family on a solid foundation of love and trust. Get started

Bonding with your stepchildren

Recommended resources

Understanding and Loving Your Bonus Child by Stephen Arterburn and Connie Clark

Building Love Together in Blended Families by Gary Chapman and Ron L. Deal

A Home Built from Love and Loss by Sabrina McDonald

Daily Encouragement for the Smart Stepfamily by Ron Deal and Dianne Neal Matthews

Working with the other custodial parent

Blended family finances

Recommended resource

The Smart Stepfamily Guide to Financial Planning by Ron L. Deal, Greg S. Pettys and David O. Edwards