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Stress and burnout

Valuable tools and advice for navigating stress and burnout in your personal life, at work, in your marriage or as a parent
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Stress isn’t necessarily a bad thing. When we encounter a threatening situation, stress helps us navigate it in the short term as our instincts to survive kick in. But unchecked stress over long periods of time can cause a host of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual problems.

Burnout may be another term you’ve heard before. Sometimes it’s used interchangeably with stress, but the two are very different. The following articles, broadcasts and resources will help you not only understand the difference between stress and burnout, but will also equip you whether you’re dealing with stress in your personal life, at work, in your marriage or as a parent.

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Understanding stress and burnout

Additional articles

Understanding compassion fatigue

If you’re feeling emotionally and physically overwhelmed in your position as a caregiver because you’re unable to refuel and regenerate, you may be struggling with compassion fatigue. Read more

Dealing with a wounded soul

Do you ever struggle with truly feeling loved? When we are infants, secure attachment develops as a baby expresses their need over and over and over again, and a warm, loving caregiver comes and meets the child’s need. Unfortunately, not all children have this secure attachment experience in infancy and early childhood. There are three types of insecure attachment: ambivalent, avoidant and disorganized. Read more


The Hidden Link Between Adrenaline and Stress

Addicted to Busy

Walking on Water When You Feel Like You’re Drowning


Leading on Empty

“Avoiding Burnout in the Midst of a Busy Life”  (broadcast CD)

Ministry leaders

Pastor Joe’s no good, so sad, very bad day

Pastor Joe is burned out. For him, ministry has become painful, tiring and draining. He is not sure how he got here and he is even less sure of what to do next. He contemplates leaving the ministry, questioning why he ever felt called to be a pastor anyway. Read more

How to endure in ministry without facing exhaustion

Often the approach of dangerous overload is subtle and unseen. In its onset we may still believe that we are in control. We might feel we are getting enough sleep, taking time to be with our families, meeting our deadlines and working our schedules so that everything is being accomplished. Yet danger may be coming. The key to endurance in ministry is in the way we work, the way we pray and the way we rest. Read more

Married couples

Focus on Marriage podcast

Responding to Stress in Your Marriage” with Greg and Erin Smalley and Milan and Kay Yerkovich Listen now

Recognizing Your Spouse’s Stress-Points” with Greg and Erin Smalley and Milan and Kay Yerkovich Listen now


Kids and teens


Is Your Teen Stressed or Depressed?

Buster Tries to Bail: When You Are Stressed

What Am I Feeling?

Buck Denver’s Bad, Bad Day

Free Adventures in Odyssey episodes

Episode 285: “George Under Pressure”

Episode 456: “Worst Day Ever”

Episode 577: “The Business of Busyness”

Listen at FocusOnTheFamily.ca/StressAIO


Learn about Kerith Retreats

Are you a pastor, missionary or parachurch leader? Kerith Retreats provides a place of rest and healing for those in ministry, whether they are burned out or they want to create healthy rhythms to prevent burnout. This seven-day retreat, held at one of our two luxury retreat centres in Alberta and Manitoba, will help you experience renewal, recalibrate your thinking through teaching and one-on-one sessions with our program directors, and be equipped to re-engage in your ministry when you return home.

Learn more and see upcoming retreat dates at KerithRetreats.ca.