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Protecting children from sexual abuse

Tips on how to safeguard your child
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Although this may be a difficult topic to discuss with your child, you cannot rely on your vigilance alone to keep your child safe from sexual abuse. Your son or daughter, even if they're as young as two years old, needs to be equipped with skills that make them a difficult target for abusers. The information on this page will help you give your child the skills they need without compromising their sense of innocence.

Practical steps for parents

Reporting child abuse

Recommended resources

God Made All of Me: A Book to Help Children Protect Their Bodies - For ages 2 and up

For helpful secular information on how to protect your child, a good place to start is the Canadian Centre for Child Protection at ProtectChildren.ca. Their materials include low-cost online videos for volunteers, coaches and others, plus a free 23-minute video for parents.

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection also has information on how to help a child who has been sexually abused.

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